Services we offer

Network and Infrastructure Management

Darkbox helps you stay ahead with our network and infrastructure management. Our service is perfect for securing data flow and building a strong foundation for you and your company to succeed in this fast-paced market.

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Preventative Security

DarkBox is ready to offer anywhere from Human Security Awareness Training, to checking through all your systems and processes, to having a disaster plan. All to protect your business and your team. 

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Network Security

Network security is used to protect your network infrastructure from misuse, unauthorized access, or theft. At DarkBox, we can set up your infrastructure for devices, users, and applications to work in a secure manner. 

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Disaster Planning

What is the #1 rule of business? TO STAY IN BUSINESS! DarkBox can protect you from a disgruntled employee taking down your system from the inside. We can protect you from a natural disaster destroying your offices and not having your information on hand. With the right strategy, we can have you back up in any doomsday scenario. 

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Technical Support

Technical support will help your team function with our specialized remote system. We can jump in at any moment and help resolve the technical problems your team faces. 

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Data Storage Management

DarkBox will help you set up the best strategy for the size of your business operation. We will make sure that we set you up for success by setting you up with storage you can safely access.

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